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Hello _(name of friend/family member you are sending this to)__,

My community leadership class, called "Do Good Things," is doing a fundraiser for girls in Ethiopia who don't have the money or family support to attend school. The organization that we are raising money for is called YouGoGirls and every year they support 6-10 girls so that they can attend 11th and 12th grades. Just $35 supports one girl so that they can rent a small room, buy food, school supplies and attend school for a month.  All of the proceeds we raise from our fundraiser are going directly to girls like those you see on our fundraising website.

To raise money for this organization, we are making gifts for teachers or loved ones-- jars filled candy and sweet messages--that will also let our teachers or loved ones know that we are working to support education across our globe (we think they’d like that!). If you would like to purchase a jar or simply give a donation, please order on the website. All orders must be in by November 30th so we can make your gifts and deliver them to you in early December.

Make sure to put my name down as the Community Leadership Person and I will deliver it for you once we make the jars (you can expect to receive them at least a few days before school lets out for winter break).  You can pay me when I deliver your product to you.

To learn more about our cause, again, please go to this website.  Thank you for supporting our efforts to do good things!       ___(Your name here)_____

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