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Image by Jeison Higuita
Image by Clovis Castaneda

antigua, guatemala

Common Hope Vision Teams are on a mission to make a difference. Each team travels to Guatemala for about a week to learn more about Common Hope's work, the culture of Guatemala, and what life is like for families supported by the program. Teams fundraise to support students so they can receive an education and so their entire family can receive access to healthcare, housing, and social work services.

"Fighting poverty with diplomas. Poverty ends wherever education thrives. At Common Hope, we work with Guatemalan families to provide the resources needed to achieve better lives. We believe there’s more to an education than supplies, so from healthcare to housing, becoming more starts with doing more." 

This June, a group of Do Gooders are traveling to the Common Hope site in Antigua, Guatemala as a vision team.

Help get us there.

please contact us if you are interested in supporting our trip this summer! Otherwise visit this page for trip updates. 

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