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About Us

Hello, I'm Sue!

Community service has always been part of my daily activities. When I was in kindergarten I volunteered to make cookies with the elderly people at the nursing home.  It is still the ONLY recipe that I have memorized. Since then I have always been involved with serving food to the homeless, running a community leadership group and doing good in the community.


As an educator for the past 30 years, I've also created deep bonds with youth of all ages, from a wide variety of backgrounds. I've made it my mission to develop programs that will make a positive difference in our world, specifically in the lives of young people. "Do Good Things" is a program that gives our younger generation a chance to help and volunteer in communities, and teaches them how to become better and stronger leaders. Like the rest of the world, our programs had to go on pause for over two years because of the pandemic. But we are more motivated than ever to be "part of the solution" and put our energies into caring for one another and our communities.

It is important to model to others the importance of doing the right thing. I have learned a tremendous amount from the student leaders throughout this process. It is amazing what students are capable of when they are encouraged to push forward with their ideas.

Sue Gonyea, Founder & Executive Director

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Doing Good Things

Most kids don't think of serving food at a food shelf. Most kids don't volunteer at nursing homes. Most kids don't have the resources, but what if they did?

Do Good Things is a program that gives our younger folks a chance to help and volunteer in communities and teaches them how to become better and stronger leaders. The kids come up with the service ideas and drive the programs 100%... learning about leadership, organization, collaboration, and the gratification that comes with helping to make the world a better place.


Sue Gonyea


37 12th Avenue North

Hopkins, MN 55343


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